The Best Houston Texas Attractions

Houston, Texas is a bustling city, with thousands of restaurants, a strong arts scene and a huge selection of museums and exhibits, as well as some stunning parks. If you’re thinking of taking a holiday in Texas, then Houston is a must-visit city. Here’s a quick look at some of the best attractions in the city.

The Space Center

The Houson Space Center is a huge complex with a lot of things to see and do, including a replica of the space shuttle, and a replica of Skylab. Visitors can touch a moon rock, and learn about how space travel works, and what NASA is working on right now.

The Museum District

There are 19 different museums to visit in the Museum District. Of those, 11 are free to enter. The selection of museums includes the Houston Musuem of Natural Science, the Children’s Museum, the Holocaust Museum, the Menil Collection and the Contemporary Arts Museum.

The district is laid out so that most of the mesums are clustered together, although the Rothko Chapel and the Menil Museum are a bit of a longer walk away than the others. You should be able to hit a few museums in a day, for a fun sightseeing trip.

The Zoo

The Zoo covers 55 acres in Herman Park, and is home to more than 6,000 animals. There is a small children’s zoo and an education center, and you can see everything from giraffes to marine life. Nearby you will find the Miller outdoor Theatre, a Japanese Garden, and the Museum of Natural Science. You can also take a walk through the park’s trails, or take a bout out onto McGovern Lake.

Street Art

There is some outstanding street art in Houston. Many of the world’s biggest names in graffiti have made murals for people to enjoy as they travel around the city. This is something that graffiti enthusiasts visit Houston specifically to see, but you don’t need to be an art lover to appreciate them. You can simply soak it up as you pass by. Take a look at the Houston is Inspired mural which can be seen on the corner of Travis and Preston, or head to Leeland and St Emanual to see another one of his works.

Houston is an amazing place, and you could visit several times and see something new each trip. Take a moment to look around, and ask locals for tips!